The College Checklist Frequently Asked Questions
The College Checklist Frequently Asked Questions Page
How did "The College Checklist" come to be an App?
The College Checklist was created by a high school sophomore girl to help her older sister pack for college. Read more at About The College Checklist and see recent press articles on our News Page
Why do I need a flip flops if I'm going to a college up north?
Presuming the shower in your dorm will be down the hall, wear flip-flops for sanitary reasons. There is a great online article that expains why you need the items that are on the list. It is by Leslie Sherman Jackson, who has a lot of credibility with the college planning process as you'll see if you follow this link: College dorm checklist: What to pack. You also should know what Joel at says about needing flip flops: "Shower Flip Flops - Shower Barefoot? Eww."
Why do I get a blank white screen when I click on Preview from the Utilities Screen?
With both the request for a printable copy and previewing the printable copy, the app must communicate with the College Checklist website. The availability of these features depends on your device and it's connection to the Internet. You have to have a valid connection, either a cellular connection with a valid data plan, or on the wi-fi side. You can test your connection by using a browser app, such as Safari, or other apps that you know can access the Internet. In Safari, try hitting our website:
If you can't - you'll have to take care of that before you'll be able to use these features.
If you can get to our website with Safari, then the Preview should work, you just may have to give it some time. If the connection to the internet is slow it may take a while for the Preview image to appear.
What is a "Pen Drive"?
This term may be a bit out-of-date, sorry for that. We are simply referring to a USB Flash Memory Stick. Be sure to bring one for those times when you need to move files to or from your computer but no online connection is available.
Why did I get a blank list when I put in my email address and asked for a hard copy?
This has been fixed in Version 2.0 of both The College Checklist and The College Checklist for Guys.

However, if you are still running an earlier version of the app then see below:

If folks try to get a hard copy of the list as the very first thing they do, then the app hasn't had a chance to build some internal tables. Try either
  • Checking a few items and ask for a hard copy again.
  • Ask for a preview first, and then ask for a hard copy again.
Please let us know at the support email address if this solves your problem. If it doesn't, contacting support allows us to help you, and other folks who have the same trouble in the future.
I put in my email address, the app tells me that it was sent, but I never receive any hard copy list emailed to me.
The are some reasons that email doesn't go through that we are aware of (some we are not - so please contact us at the support email addresses so we can help you). See if either of these fit your situation.
  • If you have a SPAM filter turned on our emails to you may be blocked. Look in your SPAM INBOX for a message from us. If your filter is not saving the blocked emails, then you may wish to consider opening it up for The College Checklist emails. The hard copy checklist will always be sent by this email sender:

And this page is still Under CONSTRUCTION ... THANKS FOR VISITING ... More on the way