About The College Checklist
About The College Checklist
How did "The College Checklist" come to be an App?
May 15, 2011 - A high school girl, now a junior, came up with the idea in the summer of her sophomore year summer when her older sister was getting ready to go to college. With her very strong organizational skills, she offered to create a checklist using a word processor on her laptop. The result was a fairly detailed list - on paper - and her sister used it to get ready for college. When friends heard about the checklist, they asked for copies. They all loved it! More recently, the girl realized the need to access and update the list in a convenient manner and the idea for an app was born.

The College Checklist App started with a comprehensive list of 178 items, across nine categories of daily dorm life: Room Setup, Desk supplies, bath, and more. The actual work to build the app involved coming up with the name, settling on the green color (including identifying the RGB numbers), selecting the font, creating the Checkmark and other icons in various sizes that appear throughout the app. The girl figured out the features needed, and installed software on her computer to use to layout the screens. The College Checklist App is simple and easy to use. She worked hard to keep it simple, but still be comprehensive, and even included a printout capability.

The girl that created The College Checklist worked closely with her dad (a software engineer who helped with the objective C programming language) to build a prototype, discussing ideas for features and how they could be implemented. She tested it extensively. When it was ready for the app store the girl learned that you have to actually sign a contract with Apple in order to put something up for sale in iTunes, the family decided to have her dad handle that until she is 18. She worked with family members to form Craes, LLC (a take on her initials and middle name), attending meetings with attorneys to decide the organizational structure (LLC was selected). She learned about advertising online via Google and Facebook, and learned that advertising through Google requires a website associated with the app. She worked with her dad to launch www.latestcraes.com, which gives users a place to go for instructions and support. It went live the first week of May, 2011, near her seventeenth birthday, and it is being advertised on Google and Facebook.

The College Checklist website and app are Copyright of Craes, LLC. All Rights Reserved.